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@  @eLXg {bNX: This book lists up essential information to be freed from all kinds of sadness, to attain infinitely developing happy life in onefs favorite way, and to become immortal.  
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Spokesperson of God (February 23, 2008-)

Lecturer, Scientific Researcher (February 23, 2008-)

Universal System Analyst Translator(E->J)

The First Human God Born on Earth


Atsuko Kurodafs Homepage


Letfs Create a World of Love Together!


Laws of Love



In June, 1994, a voice spoke to me in my head,

forced me to go back to my parentsf house,

and introduced oneself as God.


Being astonished and astounded

I felt like an Alice in a wonderland.

I listened to this voice every day and learned

the secrets of this universe,

-- veritas (truth) of this universe --

which were unknown to human beings. 


Especially, the know-how to be freed from all kinds of sadness

and to live enjoyable, exiting, fulfilling life.

To share what I learned from this God and

to create the World of Love together with you,

I opened this homepage first in Japanese in May, 2000.

I am very pleased to be able to open this English version today,

on February 26, 2003.



I would like to propose sincerely

gThe Creation of the World of Loveh

to all the people in the world!


One personfs wish is just one of 60-billion-peoplefs wishes.


If more people wish the same thing more strongly,

the wish will more likely to become real.


letfs stop fighting and hazardous competition,


letfs create a World of Love, together!


Herefs what you can do to create the world of love.


pێlp`: The messages from God.
The Universe Is the Ultimate Form of
The System of Love





Encounter with a God


Presentation at the SSGRR 2003 Winter Conference in Italy


Photos of My Gardens


February 26, 2003

February 23, 2008 Updated a bit


Atsuko Kuroda