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Encounter with a God


It started around 11 ofclock in the evening on June 15, 1994.  gA voiceh spoke to me in my head.


gItfs dangerous for you to stay here.  Go back to your parentsf house.h


At that time I lived in Tokyo, and I had no intention to go back to my parentsf house.  I was taking gto meh a very important seminar and I really wanted to attend the seminar.


But my body moved against my will, and before the dawn, I roughly packed up my clothes as if I were moving to my parentsf house.  Next day, I sent big packages to my parentsf house and on 17th, I drove back home.


In the evening of 17th, in my bed of my parentsf house, I yelled at the voice in my head, gWho are you on earth? Why do you do such a nasty thing to mec..h  At this point I thought I must be hypnotized or mesmerized by somebody who wanted me to leave Tokyo.


Then, the voice said,


          gI am God.h


gOh, my God!c..    What a bullshit!  How can a man say such a lie?!....h I thought.


But the voice neglected what I was thinking and continued,


gIfve been thinking of letting human beings to make a gWorld of Loveh and preparing world widely for that purpose.  Do you want to join this gLove Campaignh as my spokesman?


I thought,

gc..A Love Campaign?  Ifve never heard of such a thing.  Is it real?h  And considering the case it happens to be true, I said gYesh to the voice.  Since then, more than seven years by now, unusual life with this God has started.


Just like other ordinary, decent citizens of this modern society, I myself could not believe in this God so soon.  For quite a long time, I doubted that I might be mesmerized by somebody.  But I could (and still can) talk with the God any time while I am awake.  It was too unnatural to think that somebody mesmerized me.  I could not think of any reason for anybody to spend so much time on me.  No one would be interested in me so much.  Coupled with a few supernatural experiences, I had gradually come to believe in this God.


For example, one day I went for driving with my parents.  As usual, my father wanted to drive through narrow mountain road, which he never drove before.  We found a very narrow, unpaved mountain road.  As we drove in, soon, the road became very rough and bumpy.  We had to drive through where one side was steep cliff.  Big rocks were scattered here and there, and a huge tree was laid down on the road.  We were all very scared to go into farther, but the road was too narrow to turn back.  We had to move forward until we found the place big enough to change the direction.  The God kept talking to me, gDonft worry.  It is scary, but you are completely safe.  So, do not worry.h


Then we came to the road end in the woods.  We had to turn back.  My father was so scared and tired of driving dangerous, rough road and asked me to take turn.  I started to drive back.  When we came to the most dangerous part of the road, the God said to me, gI will drive the car, so look up the sky, and just pretend as if you were driving.  Donft worry; I drive the car for you.  You are perfectly safe.  Now, look up the sky!  Look up!h


I screamed to the God in my mind, gOh, no!  I cannot!  How can I look up the sky at this dangerous place?!  Itfs crazy!h


But the God insisted and repeated, gLook up the sky, Atsuko!h


I was very scared, but being forced by the voice of the God, I fearfully looked up the sky.

God gracious!  I felt like flying in the aircc  I glanced at my father who was sitting next to me.  His eyes were pinned down to the dangerously bumpy road and he kept screaming, gBe careful!  Watch!  Move to the right!  More!  To the right!  Careful!!h  because the left hand side was the cliff.  I felt he was in a far away place, and I felt I was in a strangely peaceful world and felt no danger at all.


After this experience, Ifd substantially come to believe in this God.


Besides this, the God showed me small miracles now and then.  For example, the God taught me, many times, how to get to the place where I had never been before.  When my mother died suddenly by heart attack, I was really upset.  Because, I did not know where she kept bankbooks and other important documents.  My mother lived in a big house and it seemed to me impossible to find them.  But the God taught me where they were.  When the God directed me to go somewhere, I met the people who gave me something good (mostly good information), or I could avoid meeting the people with whom I did not want to meet at that time.  And, having these super-natural experiences, I have come to believe in this God.  

But much, much more.


The God taught me how he made this world and thus, if we want to live infinitely happy life without suffering from any single sadness and sorrow, what we should do.


The God taught me the natural laws which he called the gLaws of Loveh and which govern all happenings in this universe.


The God gave me the answer why Chinese gKikoh practitioners can kick in the air and knock down the person standing far away from them.


The God gave me the answer why what people learned from God are sometimes different.


And also, the God explained why my life was as it was in details, and taught me how to improve my life, stayed all day long with me, constantly encouraged me, gave me countless advices and suggestions, and had been guiding me for these seven years long (as of January, 2001).


The God have been guiding me in the way that I could learn all necessary things required to know to act as a spokesperson of the God, and have been guiding me in the way that the locus I lived with the God will clarify and demonstrate the natural laws which govern all happenings in this universe, intending to make the locus gthe proof of God.h



Last year (2000), I opened my Homepage on the Internet, and I put there short summaries of what I learned from the God in Japanese.  God says, gIt is one of the most significant landmark incident for mankind and people in the future will understand how significant its implications are.


Now, I am preparing the English Version of what I learned from God in speech form, intending to convey the Messages from God to the people in the world.


According to this God, someday in the future, on behalf of this God, I will convey the Messages from this God to all lives in this universe through a Japanese national satellite broadcasting station, NHK, and together with all lives in this universe, start creating a gWorld of Loveh where all living creatures can live infinitely happy life as the God intended so.


This will be done in the form of series of lectures entitled gLaws of Love,h and will be broadcasted Monday through Friday, one hour a day, until all of us become full-fledged ghuman-gods,h which He means gthe human beings who live happily without killing and hurting any other lives,h and will be broadcasted until the day all other kinds of lives on earth which needs human help get enough support from human beings.


With His unseen hands, the God has long been guiding all lives on earth and letting us to prepare for the coming day to start creating the World of Love, under the full support of all lives in the heaven.


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Atsuko Kuroda @@Updated in January 2002