Presentation at the SSGRR 2003 Winter Conference


International Conference on Advances in Infrastructure for electronic Business, Education, Science, Medicine, and Mobile Technologies on the Internet was held at the Telecom Italiafs education center called SSGRRiScuola Superiore G. Reiss Romolijin LfAquila, Italy, from January 6 till 12, 2003.  And more than 100 people participated. 


At the conference, I had a chance to make a presentation concerning gwhat I learned from Godh.  The title of my paper for this conference is gUnveiled Secrets of this Universe & the Mission of the e-Society.h  


Reference Links:

Professor Giovanni Imbalzano

IPSI(Information Processing Society, International)



My Presentation


At the terrace with other participants.

The forth woman from the right wearing white cloth is me.

The two pictures above were copied from the homepage of Professor Giovanni Imbalzano.




SSGRR locates on the hilltop of Lfquila. 

The education center was very clean and quiet.  It was a very pleasant place to stay. 

Since at every meal time, we could sit and talk with other participants from many different countries all over the world, I enjoyed the stay very much. 



Trip to Rome.  Visited Vatican with other participants.




Trevi fountain

Facing back, I threw coins into the fountain hoping to visit Rome again.



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