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I lived in Tokyo for decades.  I love Tokyo very much. 

My official address is still in Tokyo.

Yet, last year, God guided me to move into the house

which my parents used to live.

(As happened many times to me,

it was also a gcompulsoryh guide, i.e. I had no other choice.)


Now, I am enjoying living in a country-side house very much!

Before God spoke to me 11 years ago,

I had never dreamed of taking care of gardens.

I still do not have much interest in gardening.

But still, it is very nice to see flowers in the garden.

Itfs a gift from God for my eleven-years-pray,

i.e. praying infinate happiness for all lives in this universe.

Why don't you try this omni-potent prayer, too?


My Front Yard in May, 2005




My Back Yard in May, 2005


(The house below is my neighborfs.)

(The house below is my neighborfs.)


The house below (right hand side) is my neighborfs.


The same gardens change their looks in June.

Itfs a time for Azalea and peony.


My Front Yard in June, 2005






My Back Yard in June, 2005

Beautiful Azalea!!!